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The development of lifting industry in recent years

Date of publication:2019-07-08   Times of browsing:未知

In the past ten years, China's crane industry has been in a decade of great glory. The scale and export volume of China's lifting equipment industry has increased substantially. The output and sales volume of China's lifting machinery has become the world's first. The domestic lifting equipment factory is developing in scale and brand building. Both have achieved good results. However, due to the macroeconomic downturn this year, the market demand growth is weak, which has exposed the problems in the development of China's lifting equipment industry.
The rising prices of raw materials and rising labor costs have led to serious brain drain in domestic crane equipment companies and increased operational risks. Limited core technology, serious product homogeneity, lack of product differentiation and technological innovation, coupled with overcapacity of global products, resulting in increasingly fierce market competition, further differentiation of industry, increased corporate debt, financing difficulties, China's lifting equipment industry There has been a rare decline in recent years.
Now facing the tough industry development situation, domestic lifting equipment manufacturers must actively change if they do not want to be eliminated by the market. In our view, in the external development, domestic lifting equipment enterprises should actively expand overseas markets, and actively divert product markets to emerging economies with strong infrastructure construction needs through diversified and international development paths, and further establish and Improve the product and service chain and enhance the competitiveness of the company's international market. In terms of operation and management, domestic lifting equipment enterprises must constantly improve the market channel construction system, increase the support of foreign agents, strengthen refined management, improve the service chain, and enhance market services. Segment the market according to the differences in user needs and improve product user satisfaction. When necessary, domestic lifting equipment enterprises can complete acquisitions and mergers through capital operations, shorten the development time and market development time of lifting equipment products, and occupy the competitive advantage of the industry. 
 In the internal development, domestic lifting equipment manufacturers should increase product core technology research and development: optimize product structure, improve product quality, cultivate product independent innovation capability, and establish industry in platform technology, safety technology, environmental protection technology, energy-saving technology and other fields. Sharing the platform, vigorously research and develop innovative, energy-saving [high-end products to reduce consumption and reduce emissions.

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