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webbing sling manufacturer introduces you to its production

Date of publication:2019-07-12   Times of browsing:未知

webbing sling manufacturer introduces you to its production process
As a qualified sling belt manufacturer, it has been opened for screening industrial yarns. There are many kinds of industrial yarns. We can't distinguish the quality of the yarns with the naked eye. We can only use the test wire to meet the standard. Which industrial filaments. If the foundation is not stable, it will be a waste of time to work harder. Therefore, the selection of raw materials is an important part of the production of finished slings. After determining the industrial yarn, it is our production process.

1. "Weaving" woven industrial filaments into fiber semi-finished webbing by professional sling-weaving machines.
 2. "dyeing" put the woven flat ribbon in the dyeing tank, heat the printing and dyeing machine, and start the dyeing machine after the temperature reaches the standard. When the temperature and the rotation speed of the machine reach an equilibrium value, the dyed ribbon can achieve the best effect. 
 3. "Cut" The size of the slings of different specifications and models is not the same. The length of the semi-finished ribbon is determined according to the length of the finished sling, and the measurement is cut.
4. The final step in the “sewing” sling finish is also the most important step. Before sewing, you need to know the overall structure of the sling. For example, special slings are made according to special sewing methods. When sewing, pay attention to the flat sling with the size of the ears and the number of encryption, strictly in accordance with the implementation standards.
 When a batch of finished slings appeared in front of the manufacturer, they did not think of how to sell it, but whether the sling was qualified under strict production requirements and whether it could be put into use. This is the final requirement of our manufacturer for the finished sling. After the production is completed, it must be tested by the quality inspection department after passing the inspection. The average number of random inspections is 10 and 10 inspections. As a professional sling belt manufacturer, Hebei Lili knows that our production is a product, but it is a responsibility to send it out.

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