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Winch straps introduction

Date of publication:2019-07-31   Times of browsing:未知

Winch straps are made for hauling extremely heavy objects-like trucks or piles of logs-in flatbed trucks and trailers.They come in standard lengths of 25 and 30 feet,and widths from 2 to 4 inches.
The winch straps adhere to Transportation standards and/or are approved by the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA). Either of these organizations’ stamps of approval should ensure you that the winch strap you’re looking at is quality product and has passed extensive safety tests.
The webbing — the material used to create the strap — should be very strong in order to stand up to the strain of containing heavy cargo. Each winch strap you purchase should be clearly labeled with it’s WLL — or working load limit. By knowing the WLLs of the various winch straps you have, and the weight of your load, you can calculate whether or not a given set of straps will be able to safely contain the load.
Usually, a winch strap’s break strength — the point at which is is guaranteed to snap — is about triple it’s WLL. Generally, 4-inch winch straps have a WLL around 5,400 lbs. A two-inch strap might have a working load limit of about 3,333 lbs,and a break strength of 10,000 lbs. Of course, it’s a horribly unsafe practice to expose a strap to any more than it’s WLL in weight. Add the combined WLLs of your winch straps together, and make sure that the sum is comfortably above the actual weight of your load.
Apart from the webbing, a good winch strap will also feature very strong hooks capable of dealing with much more than the webbing’s WLL in weight. Some will have padding on the inside of the webbing-hook junction to prevent the metal from wearing slowly through the webbing. You can further protect both your winch straps and your goods by padding the places where the two meet, especially on corners.

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