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Webbing sling is produced from top quality synthetic fibre by advanced international level of weaving technology and equipment in various sewing methods,According to customer's requirement, the safety factor of sling has 5:1,6:1,7:1,8:1, it's load range is from 0.5t to 25t. Which is produced according to International stanard,for color and load capacity.
It can be made from one layer to four layers,usually call Simplex webbing sling,Duplex webbing sling,Triplex webbing sling and Quadruplex.
The eyes can be made into Flat eyes,Twisted eyes,and Reversed eyes.
Eye-eye webbing slings are versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches.
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10 Tonne Duplex Webbing sling

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10T Soft Flat Lifting Slings
1.  Material:100% high tenacity polyester
2.Color: Orange
4.Length:1m to 12 m
W.L.L: 10000KG(10T)
6. SF: 7:1
7. With reinforced lifting eyes
8. According to EN1492-1:2000

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10T Soft Flat Lifting Slings
Inspection of soft flat lifting slings in service
Before first use of the soft flat lifting slings it should be ensure that:
a)the soft flat lifting slings corresponds precisely to that specified on the order;
b)the manufacturer's certificate is to hand;
c)the identification and WLL marked on the soft flat lifting slings correspond with the information on the certificate.

Before each use,the soft flat lifting slings should be inspected for defects and to ensure that the identification and specification are correct,A soft flat lifting slings that is unidentified or defective should never be used,but should be referred to a competent person for examination.

During the period of use,frequent checks should be made for defects or damage ,including damage concealed by soiling,which might affect the continued safe use of the soft flat lifting slings.If any double exists as to the fitness for use,or if any of the required markings have been lost or become illegible,the soft flat lifting slings should be removed from service for examination by a competent person.

10T Soft Flat Lifting Slings
10T Soft Flat Lifting Slings
10T Soft Flat Lifting Slings

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