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Webbing sling is produced from top quality synthetic fibre by advanced international level of weaving technology and equipment in various sewing methods,According to customer's requirement, the safety factor of sling has 5:1,6:1,7:1,8:1, it's load range is from 0.5t to 25t. Which is produced according to International stanard,for color and load capacity.
It can be made from one layer to four layers,usually call Simplex webbing sling,Duplex webbing sling,Triplex webbing sling and Quadruplex.
The eyes can be made into Flat eyes,Twisted eyes,and Reversed eyes.
Eye-eye webbing slings are versatile as they can be used in choker, vertical, or basket hitches.
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polyester fiber lifting webbing sling

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polyester fiber lifting webbing sling
1.  Material:100% high tenacity polyester
2.Color: Orange
4.Length:1m to 12 m
W.L.L: 10000KG(10T)
6. SF: 7:1
7. With reinforced lifting eyes
8. According to EN1492-1:2000

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Polyeser fiber lifting webbing sling
polyester fiber lifting webbing sling, thanks to their lightweight, flexible and portable nature have multiple uses and applications. While we most commonly associate webbing slings with lifting and lowering tasks, they are capable of a huge range of other tasks.
Polyester fiber lifting webbing  Slings are now used in dozens of industries around the world, helping with everything from food processing plants to getting food on our tables, to manufacturing centres where they help create some of the products that we use every single day.
What are polyester fiber lifting webbing slings?
Before looking into the various uses and application for polyester fiber lifting  webbing slings,it is useful to understand just why they are so adaptable.webbing slings are flat straps,often woven from polyester,that feature two looped eye holes at either end.
Their polyester construction means that they are light and flexible,making it easy for them to wrap around abjects,items or loads.While this also means they are lighter than other pieces of lifting equipment,such as wire rope,it provides webbing slings,and their users,with a unique set of benefits.

polyester fiber lifting webbing sling

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