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An overview of hooks
Feb 20, 2017

An overview of hooks
Hook shape into a single hook and twin hook; hook by manufacturing method is divided into forged hook and laminated hook.
Single hook is simple, easy to use, but force is not good, most with a weight of 80 tons of work; weight is often used to force a symmetric double hook. By cutting the number of laminated hook plates riveted together, individual plates when you crack the entire hook will not break, security is better, but greater weight, mostly used in large capacity or on a crane lifted steel filled barrels. Hook in the process often impact shall be manufactured using the toughness of high quality carbon steel.
Hook classification very wide, General including: unloading buckle, and rings, and ring, and pear shaped ring, and long rings, and combination rings, and s hook, and nasal hook, and American hook Horn hook, and eye shaped sliding hook, and with insurance card rings screws, and chain unloading buckle, and has unique, and novel, and quality excellent, and security of features, applies Yu factory, and mine, and oil, and chemical and the ship terminal,. To ensure safe, quality factor, static load up to 3 times. Lifting capacities from 5 tons to ~150 tons.

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