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Attention to detail extended Sling life
Feb 20, 2017

Sling use longer scrapped after many customers will find ways to extend the life of the sling, slings for longevity, a lot of attention to detail extended length Sling. 1, rigging needs to move, do not drag. Not knots.2, you should not use the supporting basis of nurse pointed lack of cargo.3 on the edge of, the cable should be protected from light and stored under ultraviolet irradiation. Next to the sling should not be stored near an open flame or other heat source.4, when you are not using slings, harnesses should be placed in a well-lit place. So sling at last a longer time. Sling, is lifting gear, complete specifications, often one of the most commonly used tools: slings, textile strap, dinima rigging, heavy work. According to the different models, for different occasions. But no matter what kind of Sling, need maintenance, guarantee a normal life span.

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