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Hook set Assembly and maintenance
Feb 20, 2017

How to set hooks often need to be reviewed? What are the main aspects of the overhaul?
Hook group at least once a year a comprehensive inspection, hook a physical examination once every quarter, respectively.
1, clean the hook main body with kerosene and wipe dry with a magnifying glass, such as cracks, thorough examination of welding is not allowed should be replaced immediately.
2, check the panels, beams and other areas, wear plate with high quality electrodes welding and boring again: If the replacement part, you must ensure that you meet the requirements of the mechanical properties of the material.
3, hook was hired, tends to make the hook wire rope effect and surface hardening, annealing of the hook once a year. 20 steel forged hook, the annealing temperature is the temperature, hot after slow cooling to ensure their mechanical properties do not change.
Hook set Assembly:
Hook set is combination of hooks, pulley, pursuant to General Assembly in reverse order of the disassembly hook, and then delete the hook set Assembly pulley pulley in reverse order.
In the hook set Assembly process, should lubrication lubrication of parts.

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