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selecting the correct sling
Aug 08, 2017

Selecting the Correct Sling:

Webbing sling are available in a range of materials and sizes in single leg and endless sling forms. Select the sling to be used and plan the lift taking the following into account:

Material - polyester identified by a blue label is resistant to moderate strength acids but is damaged by alkalis; polyamide (Nylon) identified by a green label is virtually immune to alkalis but is damaged by acids; 

and polypropylene identified by a brown label is little affected by acids or alkalis but is damaged by some solvents, tars and paints and therefore, suitable for appliances where the highest resistance to 

chemicals other then solvents is required.

Capacity - the sling must be both long enough and strong enough for the load and the slinging method.

Apply the mode factor for the slinging method.

For use at temperatures exceeding 80°C or below 0°C refer to the suppliers instructions.

For flat woven slings made to BS EN 1492-1:2000 + A1: 2008

Polyester And Polyamide -40oC to 100o

Polypropylene -40oC to 80oC

Ranges vary in a chemical environment, in which case the advice of the manufacturer or supplier should be sought.

If the slings are used in multi-leg arrangement the angle formed between the legs should not be less than 30° or greater than 90°.

If abrasion, heat generated by friction or cutting from edges or corners are likely select a sling fitted with protective sleeves and/or use suitable packing.

Slings with grade 8 fittings and multi-leg slings with grade 8 master links should not be used in acidic conditions. Contact with acids or acidic fumes causes hydrogen embrittlement to grade 8 materials. If exposure to chemicals is likely, the manufacturer or supplier should be consulted.

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