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​Spreader maintenance
Feb 20, 2017

Spreader maintenance
(1) in the hanger, as a spin-lock rotation is not flexible or not in place, adjust the adjusting nut should be checked, and then check the following parts:
The tension spring ①the pawls for damage, such as damage, should be replaced;
II drive mechanism if the seizure occurs, such as seizure, belong to poor lubrication, it should be lubricated at the transmission mechanism of active connections (or grease). If guide PIN is too tight, proper adjustment nut. Case of a loose connection and transmission pipes or other links of deformation should be corrected;
③ buffer spring tension is too small, too small, you should shorten the buffer spring length of wire rope.
(2) should be used to stop the use instructions on the dashboard identifying coating off. Once discovered, required to supplement the original instructions identification of paint.
(3) on the lifting wire rope should be duly cleaned and coated with oil or grease, wire rope bends in particular.
(4) for the main loadbearing, rings, spin locks, lug and Sling shackles, in normal use, under clear conditions, at least once every 3 months, without serious deformation and crack.
(5) all cups, including on the ratchet mechanism, sliding bearing oil cup oil cup oil Cup and spin-lock box, at the junction of main activities according to the use of lubricated at the right time.
(6) regularly check that the rope is loose, buffer spring stretching, identify problems and deal with.
(7) each hoist shall not exceed the rated lifting capacity, buffer spring or stretching.
(8) lifting should be stable during lifting, and avoid lifting cranes or other equipment occur collisions and deformation.

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