Double Ply Flat Webbing Sling Lifting Sling

Double Ply Flat Webbing Sling Lifting Sling

30MM-300MM Color Polyester Webbing Sling is commonly produced by high tenacity polyester filament, which has high strength, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, UV resistance and multiple advantages, at the same time, soft texture, not conductive, no corrosion (without any harm to the human body). 30MM-300MM Color Polyester Webbing Sling is generally used in flammable and explosive environment, itself does not generate sparks. 30MM-300MM Color Polyester Webbing Sling has portability, convenient maintenance and good chemical resistance, and has the advantages of light weight, high strength, not easy to damage the surface of hoisting superior characteristics, it is more and more used by researchers in many ways and gradually replaces the wire rope rigging.
Product description

Double ply flat webbing sling lifting sling


1.100% high tensile polyester material

2.Safety factor available: 4:1 5:1 6:1 7:1

3.Low elongation

4.Wear resistant

5.Length available:1m up to 100m

6.Single ply or double plies

according to
EN 1492-1

Working load limited with 1 webbing sling


 Working load limited with 2 webbing slings (kgs)

Straight    lift

Choked  lift                     β

Straight lift up to 45°

Choked lift up to 45°

Straight lift up to 45°-60°Choked lift 45°-60°
 0°-7° 7°-45°45°-60°Up to 45°45°-60°
    1.0  0.8   2.0  1.4   1.0 0.7 0.5 1.4 1.12 1.0 0.8
 25    WLL1T    1.000 8.00 2.000 1.400 1.000 7.00 5.00 1.400 1.120 1.000 8.00
 50     WLL2T    2.000 1.600 4.000 2.800 2.0001.400 1.000 2.800 2.240 2.000 1.600
 75     WLL3T    3.000 2.400 6.000 4.200 3.0002.100 1.500 4.200 3.360 3.000 2.400
 100     WLL4T    4.000 3.200 8.000 5.600 4.0002.800 2.000 5.600 4.480 4.000 3.200
 125     WLL5T    5.000 4.000 10.000 7.000 5.0003.500 2.500 7.000 5.600 5.000 4.000
 150     WLL6T    6.000 4.800 12.000 8.400 6.0004.200 3.000 8.400 6.720 6.000 4.800
 200     WLL8T    8.000 6.400 16.000 11.200 8.0004.900 3.500 11.200 8.960 8.000 6.400
 250    WLL10T   10.000 8.000 20.000 14.000 10.0005.600 4.000 14.000 11.200 10.000 8.000

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Q1.Can we have the color we prefer?

General products will have the standard specifications of the color, the customer if the special color needs, we will be in accordance with the actual amount of customers to change or customize the color


Q2.What is your MOQ?

Different items with different MOQ demands. Pls contact with us for detailed information.


Q3.Do you have some certificate?

We have CE, TUV and GS certification.


Q4.How long does it take to execute my order?

Please tell us the quantity and model number of the products you are about to order, so that we will give you a detailed schedule.


Q5How will my order shipped?

 Usually shipped by sea, express is also available if our customers need,we can send you by EMS or Fedex


Q6.Can you guarantee your products?

 Yes, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction on all our products.

Please feel free to feed back to us immediately if you are not satisfied with our quality or service. If the product does not meet the contract requirements, we will send you a free replacement or give you compensation in the next order.


Any interested in our products,pls let me know! Weclome to your kindly inquiry!!!

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Should you're interested in the double ply flat webbing sling lifting sling made in China, welcome to wholesale the CE, TUV and GS approved product with our professional manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized service is also available in our factory.
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