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Principle Analysis Of Friction Force In Customized Straps Transmission
Jun 12, 2017

In the Customized Straps drive, the friction between the Customized Straps and the pulley is small, the Customized Straps will slip on the pulley, can not drive the normal operation of the machine, this situation can be tightly belt, increase the belt pressure on the pulley , To increase the friction between the belt and the pulley. Here we discuss two Customized Straps drive, starting from the analysis of friction to see which kind of transmission is good.

(1) the active wheel counterclockwise rotation, due to the requirements of the transmission process Customized Straps does not slip, Customized Straps and pulley friction between the static friction, the direction of static friction and belt relative to the pulley in the opposite direction of movement. The "relative movement tendency direction" at this time assumes that there is no friction between the belt and the pulley when the belt is moved relative to the direction of the pulley. It is now known that the driving wheel is rotated counterclockwise so that the direction of the relative movement of the Customized Straps relative to the pulley is clockwise, whereby it can be determined that the direction of the static friction acting on the belt by the capstan is counterclockwise. Under static friction, the Customized Straps rotates counterclockwise. For the right driven wheel, the direction of the static friction acting on the belt is clockwise. Belt in the two pulleys under the action of static friction, the wheel above the belt was tightened state, the wheel below the belt is relaxed state, so the belt surrounded by each pulley angle is less than π.

(2) It is different from the first type of drive, the drive wheel and the drive wheel exchange position, the direction of rotation of the drive wheel is still counterclockwise. According to the same reason, it can be learned that the friction force acting on the Customized Straps is counterclockwise and the friction force acting on the belt is clockwise. This transmission is characterized by: the wheel on the top of the belt is a relaxed state, the wheel under the Customized Straps is tightened state. So that the angle of the belt around the pulley is greater than π.

In the Customized Straps drive process, the larger the angle, the belt and the friction between the pulley is also greater. This can ensure that the belt in the transmission process does not slip, improve the belt drive efficiency, reduce energy loss, according to the analysis we can see that the second transmission method than the first drive better.

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