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Analysis On The Market Prospect Of Lifting Slings Industry
Jul 04, 2017

China is now in the industrial era of industrial transition in the process of backward, industrial construction towards a high quality direction; the same time, China's per capita infrastructure construction is still at a low level, the future of our country also need to build a large number of highways , Railways, airports and docks, these areas are snapped with a good market, China is also gradually become able to build the above facilities, so the Lifting Slings in these areas of the market outlook is still very promising.

In addition, China has continuously explored various types of mines, oil fields, but also to bring a large number of lifting equipment market. The safety problem in the mining process has become a matter of concern from the Party Central Committee to the ordinary people. If the Lifting Slings manufacturers can make a fuss about the issue, it is not difficult to open up a new way to increase sales. At present, China's mineral Lifting Slings on the product has not enough attention, most companies are their own manufacturing, professional, security gap between the larger, so the mine with a Lifting Slings market space is also very large.

The development of science and technology, so that space, defense, construction and other industries to the high-end Lifting Slings to create an infinite space for development, Lifting Slings in the technical aspects of constantly updated records. Even more incredible is that some companies also apply their own products to the medical and sophisticated industries.

The Lifting Slings is initially designed to use only a helical hydraulic hose. With the new ferrule, the Lifting Slings with dry stock is now compatible with spiral steel braided hose. This kind of dry solution provides a simple, nothing to install fast, security components, work to do a small part of the 96%, while reducing the implementation cost of up to 90%. The Lifting Slings is coupled with the characteristics of the bite of the bite, making the building no components to improve the coupling of the retention and to prevent the purge. Gates full torque nut technology to prevent excessive torsion, resulting in leakage.

Lifting Slings with coupling has been tested for 600,000 pulse cycles and reliability and long life, working pressure. They are designed for size 6,8,10,12,16, and 20 layers of wire braided hoses. They can be used for omnicrimp gates, powercrimp pliers, and GC models. Gates Lifting Slings with couplings, which are machined from leadless steel bars and can withstand working pressures of up to 6000 psi.

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