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Considerations For Sling Use
Feb 20, 2017

Considerations for sling use
1, do not use a damaged harness;
2, when lifting, not twisted, twisted-pair wiring harness;
3, don't let the table tie;
4, to avoid tearing of the sewing part of the Alliance, sling or overwork;
5, when did you move the strap, Sling do not pull the strap;
6, to avoid extortion or load rejection caused by impact;
7, each must be carefully inspected before use;
8, polyester resistant to inorganic acids function Sling but vulnerable organic acids;
9, fiber and fiber suitable for most chemical sites;
10, nylon is resistant to acids, vulnerable to acid damage, loss of moisture, strength of 15%;
11, if the tape was contaminated by chemicals or use under high temperature, lifting belt you should seek advice from your supplier.

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