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Customized Flat Slings With Superior Performance
Jun 22, 2017

Customized Flat Slings is a more practical one in the lifting belt, combined with the flexibility of the flexible lifting belt and the strength of the synthetic fiber lifting belt, not only that, the most obvious feature of the Customized Flat Slings is the bearing surface width, wide application, Practical, the following to give you a detailed summary of the explanation:

Flat ring hoisting belt is more economical and practical, it can continue to change the focus point, there are a variety of ways to use wide flattened flattened fiber hoisting belt; is a kind of lifting and heavy heavier objects with special sling, it has a high starting Heavy capacity, while the effective increase in contact area, so as to protect the surface of the object hanging the advantages. The following are the same as the "

The Customized Flat Slings provides a wide, smooth bearing surface that is particularly suitable when lifting objects with soft surfaces. If necessary, can also be equipped with a wider protective cover to use, because there is no metal contact, for the lifting of the object is smooth and paint the surface of the damage caused by extremely slight.

Customized Flat Slings with higher safety. Weight only 20% of the same load chain, the use of more secure and difficult to cause harm to the human body. Can be used in dangerous and explosive environment, will not cause sparks. The low elongation of the other pickling belt can reduce the beating of the hoisting material in the hoisting operation and avoid the damage of the impact. At the same time lifting the belt with a color coding can provide a simple correct load method, fully facilitate the lifting of the user.

Customized Flat Slings for wear and damage have a higher degree of protection. In the flat hoops used in general hoisting, due to the superior performance of the lifting belt to have a very long working life, but also in the lifting operation must also be with the correct protective cover to prevent the lifting belt by the weapon or the lifting of the cut hurt.

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