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Customized Flat Slings With The Highest Quality Raw Materials
May 31, 2017

Customized Flat Slings: light weight, easy to use is not hurt the surface of the lifting object was stable, safe and powerful, colorful to improve labor efficiency, cost savings, corrosion resistance, easy to use a wide range of applications, port, chemical, steel, machinery, and other.

Customized Flat Slings with the world's most high-quality synthetic fiber as raw materials, the use of the most advanced weaving technology and equipment, after a different sewing from sewing, according to customer demand for production 4,5,6,7,8 times Safety factor of the lifting belt, the production range of 0.5t-100t. And use the international standard color to identify the different carrying capacity, can also be based on bandwidth to distinguish. In the hoisting operation, the surface of the object will not cause harm.

According to different requirements of lifting the environment, can be divided into: ordinary type, fire type, fluorescent type, high strength type, acid type, wear type, oil and other waterproof series.

Features: light, soft, high safety factor, long life, non-conductive, anti-corrosion, anti-static.

Customized Flat Slings product advantages

1, light weight, easy to use, bearing surface width, can reduce the pressure on the surface load

2, do not hurt the surface was hanging objects

3, lifting smooth, safe

4, strong high, colorful

5, to improve labor efficiency, cost savings

6, corrosion resistance, wear resistance

7, widely used: for port terminals, chemicals, steel, machinery, installation and other industrial areas

Customized Flat Slings with superior performance: able to provide a wide, smooth bearing surface, in the lifting of a soft surface of the object is particularly applicable. If necessary, can also be equipped with a wider protective cover to use, because there is no metal contact, for the lifting of the object is smooth and paint the surface of the damage caused by extremely slight.

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