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Customized Flat Slings With Unique Advantages
Jul 13, 2017

Customized Flat Slings with more economical and practical, it can continue to change the focus, there are a variety of ways to use. Can be divided into single, double, four, and suture a variety of ways. The biggest advantage is the light, soft, high safety factor, long life, non-conductive, no electric shock, corrosion has a very good resistance! But also with light weight, easy to use, bearing surface width, can reduce the pressure on the surface load, do not hurt the surface of the hanging objects, lifting stability, safety, high strength, colorful, improve labor efficiency, cost savings, corrosion resistance, Grinding performance is good. Customized Flat Slings with high-quality synthetic fiber as raw material, the use of advanced weaving technology and equipment, after a different sewing method from sewing, according to customer demand for production 4,5,6,7,8 times the safety factor of the lifting belt, Production range of 0.5t-100t. And use the international standard color to identify the different carrying capacity, can also be based on bandwidth to distinguish. In the hoisting operation, the surface of the object will not cause harm.

With the rapid development of our lifting industry, Customized Flat Slings has been widely used in our daily life everywhere, for our production and life provides a favorable guarantee, here we come to understand the effect of Customized Flat Slings The

1, flat hair with a soft fabric, very conducive to carry, can be stored in the storage.

2, Customized Flat Slings bearing strength, good flexibility, suitable for a variety of goods, but in use need to pay attention to the tonnage of goods can not exceed the ceiling with the rated range.

3, lifting belt can be used as traction, so that both convenient and effort, but used as traction after the lifting belt can not be used to enhance the weight.

4, Customized Flat Slings with stable performance, suitable for a variety of operating environment, cheap, cost savings.

5, Customized Flat Slings for the surface of the higher requirements of the goods, there will be no scratches, and convenient and safe.

Customized Flat Slings with a unique advantage in many industries has been widely used for our life has brought convenience. If you would like to know more information, you can call for advice, we will be happy to serve you.

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