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Hook What Are The Technical Requirements For
Feb 20, 2017

Hook is a widely used type of hardware products, but the standard hook is the need for some basic technical requirements, hooks what are the technical requirements? Hook technical requiring specific what are the details?  

Following small series of integrated knowledge for you! 

Hook basic technical requirements are:
1, purchase hook should have a factory certificate of technical documentation shall not be used; important purchasing hooks such as: railways, ports and so on, hook factory need rigorous testing (testing).
2, hook must not have defects that affect safety performance; hook defects shall not be welded; hook surface should be smooth without cracks, folds, acute angles, deburring, peeling, cracking, burning, and other defects.
3, can be selected at the minimum distance between throat opening two place easy to wear labels, detected signs of distances, as a basis for opening changes are detected using.
4, hook material can be selected 20 high quality carbon steel or hook made of special materials such as DG20Mn and DG34CrMo forged, prohibited the use of Foundry hooks. Application materials such as A3, C3 plate hook plain carbon steel, or 16Mn low-alloy steel.
5, the axis of the hook, you must be in direction of plate rolling, and the hook-chip mosaic is not allowed.
6, hook application blind rivets rivet, plate hook bending and lifting lifting point contact high stress area not rivet connection.
7, fully enclosed welding is not allowed between the laminated plate hook, allowed only intermittent weld.
8, when it has been more than age or greater using the hook should be scrapped, to ensure its safe use.

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