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How To Use Customized Flat Slings
Jun 22, 2017

The lifting belt is divided into a lot of Customized Flat Slings and ring hoisting belt. Customized Flat Slings structure is compact, relatively with the ring hoisting belt to bring it with the object contact surface, with deep, with height, smooth surface, good wear resistance and other advantages, widely used. Customized flat harness are the most widely used sling, which are made from a raw material of polyamines, nylon, polypropylene and Dyneema, and we offer a variety of safety factors ranging from 5: 1 to 8: 1 Products, products meet the international standard ISO4878, European standards EN1492-1, JB / T 8521 and CE, GS safety requirements, customers can order according to their own special length of the product.

1, when the choice of Customized Flat Slings specifications, you must be lifting the load size, weight, shape, and ready to use the lifting method and other common use of the use of the coefficient included in the calculation, given the limit of the working force requirements, At the same time the working environment, the type of load must be considered. It is necessary to select a sling that has sufficient capacity and can meet the proper length of the way of use. If multiple Customized Flat Slings are used simultaneously with the lifting load, the same type of lifting belt must be used; the material of the flat lifting belt can not be affected by the environment or load The

2, the use of slings to limit the use of angle When using the soft lug of the Customized Flat Slings, the minimum length of the use of lifting lugs can not be less than 3.5 times and hanging ear contact part of the maximum thickness of the hook, and hanging ear activities can not exceed the angle of 20 °. When connecting the sling and lifting gear with a soft lug, the sling and lifting parts must always be in contact, unless the axial width of the sling does not exceed 75mm, the bending radius of the lifting attachment must be at least the sling 0.75 times the axial width.

3, follow a good hoisting experience in the beginning of the lifting plan before the lifting and light operation plan. Regardless of whether the accessory or soft lugs are required, the end section of the lifting belt and the auxiliary accessories and lifting equipment must be carefully considered.

4, the lifting of the correct use of Customized Flat Slings connection way hoisting belt in a safe manner under the correct placement, connecting the load, must be placed in the load on the load so that the load can balance the width of the sling; always can not knot or twist The sling portion can not be placed on a hook or lifting device and is always placed on the upright portion of the sling to prevent damage to the label by moving away from the load, hook and locking angle.

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