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Round Slings Is Very Easy To Operate
May 31, 2017

The Round Slings bearing core is composed of tows arranged in parallel by the Promise, and is twisted by single wire. The protective sleeve is made of a special double-layer wear-resistant casing to form a ring, warning, protection, and the carrier is used safely. Can be made of ordinary type, fire type, fluorescent and other series. In the international industrialized countries have been widely used for more than 50 years. Its superior performance by the majority of users of all ages. Round Slings main features: light and soft: the weight of the same metal sling 25%, Round Slings is very easy to operate, handling and storage. Do not damage the surface of the hanging pieces (including the paint layer), the human body without any back injury. Safe and reliable: in the course of the use of shock absorption, no corrosion, no aging, non-conductive, flammable and explosive environment in the absence of Mars and other characteristics. The elongation at nominal load is 1.6% and the tensile properties are close to the wire rope. Harness use at a glance, daily security check intuitive simple, you can think that looks good harness is intact. Ring hoisting belt in the improper operation of the lifting belt caused by serious overload or long-term use of the bearing core caused by local damage, the coat will first break the alarm, to avoid the accident, the jacket broken for the retirement standard, can lift the security check at a glance.

First, the flexible Round Slings technical parameters:

Material: Imported DuPont, Polyester (Polyester), Nylon, Dyneema Safety Work: 0.5-500T

Effective length: 0.5-80M

Safety factor: 6: 1 to 8: 1

Range: 40 ° C to 180 ° C

Elongation: ultimate work rate of the implementation of standards: JB / T8521.1-2007

Second, the advantages of flexible Round Slings

1, soft does not hurt the goods, protect the workers hands

2, the use of light, heavy load

3, long service life

4, clear the limit of the work force marked and color code, effectively improve the safety performance

Third, the flexible Round Slings Note:

1, must use the correct way coefficient, can not be overloaded

2, before each use to ensure that the sling is not damaged

3, round sling susceptible to mechanical, chemical, high temperature damage, if the protective layer is seriously damaged, so that sling can not be used

4, the use of protective materials separated from the load and the edges and corners of the load

5, round sling can not knot

6, lifting, the sling and the load shall not be dragged

7, to avoid shock or vibration load

8, dangerous sling do not have to repair, please follow the manufacturers or suppliers advice.

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