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Round Slings With Lifting To Be Bound
Oct 20, 2017

How to ensure safety in hoisting operation with Round Slings? I believe that the most critical part of the company is bundled, high-altitude hoisting, the correct bundled in order to safely hoisting, on how to effectively bundled Round Slings, Huafei spreader with you to talk about simple experience.

For example: high-altitude to the transport of objects on the Round Slings, the use of rope tied up hanging. This should be noted that, may not be stacked objects in the hanging or hanging scattered objects, some people will feel the way, not multiple, but this move on the security of a great impact. If you carry out the lifting of the loose objects, it is necessary to use cage or wire rope, stable rope tied to strong after the lifting and delivery, not free throw objects, things, to prevent slip off injury or accident. Bundled after the best and then check the details, whether solid, bundled force point is reasonable, so as to avoid falling objects in the air. Bundled lifting material is not simply tied about, but to design a good lifting plan in advance, lifting process if the impact of the environment by the circular hoisting belt with the powerful, that as far as possible to evacuate the surrounding staff, slow down the speed to ensure safety.

The Round Slings is made of high strength polyester industrial filament (100% PES). The inner bearing core is surrounded by an electrode to form a cyclic shape. The outer 100% PES is used to protect the carrier core The Lifting belt maintenance is very simple, due to damage caused by damage in the hoisting operation is very common dangerous, and EA-A-type lifting belt in the strong impact will only flat, so the risk is zero. If the harness is severely damaged, it will first be the outer casing broken so that the core carrier core will be exposed to indicate that the lifting belt has been damaged; in repeated tests it has been shown that if there is no visible external casing damage is internal damage Impossible, and at the same time, if the inner bearing tow has been broken, it will be found through the casing. If the casing has a small cut can be used to protect the loose tape, so as not to further crack, but must be carefully checked to determine whether there is any internal damage can continue to use. If there is a big cut on the casing, it is up to me to check whether it can be repaired and continued.

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