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Safety Regulations For Lifting Sling
Jun 22, 2017

In order to make the lifting sling management to ensure the safety of loading and unloading production, developed the relevant provisions, the following study Xiaobian to introduce the safety requirements for lifting sling with the relevant information, hope to help you.

Safety regulations for lifting sling

First, general

In order to reduce the lifting, rigging damage, to prevent the lifting rigging, spreader in the use of rupture, prevention of personal accidents and property damage, to ensure the safety of lifting operations, the development of the system, apply to the unit of the steel company , Grab, clamp balance beam, steel plate hook, steel plate, electromagnetic head clasp, mobile wire rope, nylon rope, sucker, hanging chain, harness and other use and maintenance.

Second, the management, the use of unit responsibilities:

1, the equipment department is hanging, rigging equipment centralized management department.

2, the use of units is hanging, rigging equipment management, use, maintenance, inspection, retirement process of direct safety management unit.

Third, lifting the use of sling, maintenance and management

1, the operator should be based on the lifting weight or weight of the appearance of a reasonable selection of lifting sling.

2, the operator should be used before the sling to check, to confirm the correct before use, the unit hanging, rigging a daily inspection and a record.

3, lifting large heavy objects must first test hanging, from the ground shall not be higher than 0.5m, after confirmation to be safe before lifting operation.

4, lifting sling equipment ranging from random throw. After use should be stored in a dedicated fixed bracket, not overloaded use. Rigging should be regularly oiled, maintenance. Nylon, fiber sling, etc. are not allowed to mix with the wire rope to keep oil-free, water pollution.

5, the use of the unit crane crane must have a factory certificate, the units shall not use the production of qualified manufacturers of products. Otherwise at your own risk.

6, the units should establish a sound lifting sling with the management of the account, the specific content, including the rated weight, production number, date of manufacture, production plant name, specifications and other models.

7, according to the actual production of the corresponding lifting sling safety management approach, in the use of hanging, rigging a comprehensive registration, the establishment of sling with a detailed card. In each set of hanging, rigging on the nameplate, marked with rigging the name, model, the amount of time, put into use date and so on. Strengthen the daily safety management of sling, so that the management of hand, hand use, fixed storage, regular inspection, timely scrapped, and do sling with the maintenance and maintenance work.

8, the unit lifting sling with the management of the scene to use the hanging, rigging use of the inspection and found that aging, broken, tearing and other phenomena should immediately stop using, and promptly notify the relevant departments for retirement procedures , Shall not be reused for any reason.

9, nylon harness can only lift the optical axis, is strictly prohibited lifting with angular objects. Safe use of sling, harness at work, are not allowed to drag to prevent damage to the harness;

Do not use the harness without a jacket hanging with sharp corners, edge of the goods to prevent damage to the harness; do not allow long time to hang the goods; do not put the goods; Sling is stored in the vicinity of open flames or other heat sources, should also be kept away from light;

10, the newly purchased lifting sling equipment use unit should make a request, without affecting the use of the case will be listed, marked with the relevant parameters. Easy to check the specification management.

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