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Simple Analysis Of Webbing Material
May 31, 2017

Webbing Material for the ribbon ribbon products before the production of yarn prototype, there are warp, weft two main raw materials as fabric billet raw materials. Webbing Material are varied, polyester, nylon, nylon, blended and so on. Different types of webbing raw materials produced by the product in the physical characteristics of the above different.

Webbing Material analysis

Polyester (PET)

1. Strong wear and tear

2. Poor water absorption, the official moisture regain 0.4% (20 degrees, 65% relative humidity, 100g polyester water absorption 0.4g)

3. easy to static, easy pilling from the ball.

4. Naobao Na alkali, Note: a certain depth of the alkali at a certain temperature damage to the polyester surface makes the fabric feel soft

5. Corrosion resistance, light resistance is better

6. Polyester fiber woven fabric is not easy to wrinkle, good dimensional stability, easy to wash fast drying.

Polyester spinning

1.FDY (filament): single fiber parallel smooth and smooth, sub-bright, bright, semi-light, extinction brightness is getting weaker.

2.TTY (wire): single fiber bending, low stretch, fluffy.

3.TTY network wire (low elastic network wire): a stage of the network point, increase the ability to bundle between the fiber capacity (sub-network, light network, network, heavy network, which can be used for heavy wire mesh).

Under normal circumstances, FDY and DTY must be sizing or twisting can be used as warp.

Sizing: Increases the strength of the thread, the cohesion between the fibers, so that the fiber surface is smooth and easy to weave.

Twist: increase strength, increase the cohesion between the fibers, so that the fabric has crepe effect.


0-10T / CM Weak twist

10-20T / CM twist

20T / CM strong twist

4. POY (pre-oriented wire): stretch can not rebound, not alone to do warp or weft, must be combined with other silk, can be extended 1.6 times, POY silk is a low-elastic network of semi-finished silk, typical fabric: The

5.ATY (air deformation silk): the surface is not clean, there are terry, a typical fabric: tower velvet

6. Polyester staple fiber: multiple short fibers twisted in the axial direction.

7. Polyester bamboo silk: filament and low elastic twist made of silk, playing wire beads slow.

8. High elastic yarn: high telescopic, high fluffy.

9. Polyester cationic wire: with ordinary polyester filament produced two-color effect, easy to dye, bright color.

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