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Sling It Using Different
Feb 20, 2017

Sling lifting industry generally use in a variety of Sling, so it uses a different, we can use the environment to select according to the sling.
1, when lifted, slings not twist or knot;
2, please do not use worn slings;
3, each Sling, Sling inspection before use;
4 to choose the right strap, Sling are not overloaded;
5 for most resistant nylon chemicals used;
6,pp is suitable for the majority of resistance to use of chemicals;
7, suitable for nylon chemical resistance;
8,pp is resistant to mineral acids, Sling vulnerability of organic acids;
9, nylon moisture, strength loss could reach 15%;
10 if the sling may be affected by chemical pollution, or service life will be reduced at high temperatures;

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