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Sling Use Environment
Feb 20, 2017

Sling lifting industry in general use in all kinds of different Sling material, so it uses the environment is different, we can use environment to choose according to their own slings.
1, Sling has a durable inorganic acid function, but due to being injured by organic acid
2, polypropylene suitable places for the most resistant to chemicals
3, applies to most nylon resistant to chemical use
4, polypropylene resistant to inorganic acids, vulnerable to damage organic acid
5, nylon moisture, strength loss of up to 15%
6, if the sling may be contaminated by chemicals or service life will be reduced at high temperature
7, do not use worn slings
8, when lifting, do not twist or knot
9, to choose the right Sling use, don't overload
10, each Sling before use to check

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