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Spreader To Improve Work Efficiency
Feb 20, 2017

Hanger, device refers to the lifting crane to take heavy loads. Take into items hanging slings are most commonly used hooks, straps, rings, lifting other cups, tongs and fork. Is widely used in the lifting industry.
Spreader is commonly used in hooks, wire rope, chain, or other special rigging. Lifting suction cup, clamp and fork can be used as Special lifting crane last, or as an aid to replaceable hanger hanging on the hook for temporary use, often used for cargo warehouse and yard, in order to improve operational efficiency. Grab the bulk material spreader jaw opening and closing of the grab, magnetic Chuck drawing can also be used such as metal chips and other metallic materials. Hanging to take liquid spreader used for the item they are barrels and hanging pots, usually through tilting or pulling the bottom plug removed from the molten steel and chemical solutions, by opening a hanging cage door unloading concrete liquidity by the end of the item.
Slings in order to meet the daily maintenance of mechanical lifting, some domestic Sling company also designed a number of specialized slings, spreader, like fan Tower spreader, leaf spreader, spreader, wheel of steam turbine and other non-standard spreader.

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