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Steel Wire Rope Of Rust
Feb 20, 2017

Steel wire rope of rust
Steel wire rope sling rope as raw material is processed, mainly for lifting, pulling, tensioning and load-rope slings are referred to as ropes. Steel wire rope with high strength, light weight, smooth, easy to complete and suddenly broken features, widely used in iron and steel, chemical, transport and port industries. Phosphate coating for steel wire rope the wire rope, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel wire and smooth wire rope.
In the workplace, such as galvanized steel wire rope of wet or outdoor environments using the wire rope can be used as raw material for improved properties.
Wire rope sling tendons-wear, to a large extent due to the bypass hook and repeated bending metal fatigue caused by cranes gradually break, in addition to hooks or suspended with wire rope diameter ratio is an important factor determining wire rope life.
Wire rope wear and corrosion of the surface layer or broken wires exceeds a specified value for the number of each screw should be abolished.
Wire rope is mainly used for high strength of lifting, pulling and other transportation lines, after the use is strictly prohibited under the gantry or object.

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