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There Is A Method Of Maintenance Of Lifting Slings/webbing Sling
Sep 28, 2017

Lifting Slings/webbing sling is a hanging material between the subject and the hanging material between the connection device, so the role of the product is very large, so the daily maintenance of the product is very important, in order to reduce the unnecessary harm during use, so Xiaobian for your details describes the daily maintenance of Lifting Slings/webbing sling Introduction:

Lifting Slings/webbing sling Products

1, coated with anti-rust grease: coated with rust-proof grease is a lot of operators are aware of things, but in the process of smear must be appropriate, coated with anti-rust oil is not the better;

2, the maintenance of the spreader rigging to the product dry air into the vent, and to ensure that the product clean;

3, in the use of Lifting Slings/webbing sling to work in the process of encounter if the bad weather, the surface of the rain and stains must be clean, so as not to cause the product embroidery, resulting in the use of the process of danger.

The above three points is the Lifting Slings/webbing sling with the details of the maintenance, hoping to bring you some help, if you have any questions welcome your telephone consultation.

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