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Where Will Flattened Customized Flat Slings Be Scrapped?
Sep 28, 2017

Conventional Customized Flat Slings, generally made of high strength polyester filament, with high strength, wear resistance, oxidation, anti-ultraviolet and other multiple advantages, while the texture is soft, non-conductive, no corrosion (no harm to the human body), Widely used in various fields.

Customized Flat Slings scrapped standards: Customized Flat Slings in the use of the process, one of the following circumstances should be scrapped. Ribbon (including protective cover) Severe wear, perforation, incision, tearing. Bearing the joints bloom, suture off. Customized Flat Slings fiber softening, aging, elasticity becomes smaller, the strength is weakened. The surface of the fiber is easy to peel off. Customized Flat Slings appears dead knot. Dyneema lifting surface with too much dot-like loose, corrosion, acid and alkali burning and hot melting or charred. With a red cordon Customized Flat Slings cordon exposed.

Customized Flat Slings does not allow operation under what circumstances:

1, do not use damaged flat straps;

2, in the hoisting, do not twist, twisted lifting belt;

3, do not let the use of lifting with knotted;

4, to avoid tearing joint parts or overload work;

5, when moving Customized Flat Slings, do not drag;

6, to avoid the seizure or shock caused by the load of the harness;

7, each Customized Flat Slings must be carefully checked before use;

8, polyester has resistance to inorganic acid function, but vulnerable to organic acid damage;

9, is the most suitable for chemical anti-chemical places;

10, nylon has resistance to the role of acid, vulnerable to surface acid damage, in the damp, the strong loss of up to 15%;

11, if the Customized Flat Slings is likely to be contaminated by chemicals or used at high temperatures, you should seek advice from suppliers.

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