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    • 5000kg Webbing Sling With Double Eyes

      Contact Now5000kg Webbing Sling With Double EyesFlat Webbing Sling is woven with machine for one time, and processed in the different sewing methods, it can be used the strengthened eye on its ends to improve its strength. Its standard tonnage can be distinguished through the color, and the wide and smooth loading surface especially applies to the articles with the soft surface and if necessary, the protective sleeve which is wider than sling can be used. Because of no contacting metal, it causes hardly damage to the loaded article surface processed with lacquer. Flat woven webbing sling made from polyester can not cause sparkle if it is used under the hazardous and explosive environment. In addition, its low extending property can decrease the bound of load in the courses of lifting, and avoid damage from the shocking strength. At the same time, make codes for the dyeing colors of sling and suggest the simple and correct methods for loading, which is well convenient for our lifting user.Read More

    • Manufacturer High Qualtiy Polyester Lifting Slings

      Contact NowManufacturer High Qualtiy Polyester Lifting SlingsDuplex Double Eye To Eye Polyester Lifting Slings EN1492-1 For European Market Get Latest Info On Webbing Sling Suppliers, Manufacturers WholesalersRead More

    • 3T Polyester Flat Eye Eye Webbing Sling

      Contact Now3T Polyester Flat Eye Eye Webbing Sling3T polyester flat eye eye webbing sling Material : 100% high tenacity polyester Color : According to EN-1492-1 W.L.L: 3000kg Ply: double Certificate: CertificateG.S. CE. Packing: PE shrink wrapped, carton and pallet All of our Slings are made of A-A Grade polyester yarn. All of them are...Read More

    • 5T Flat Polyester Eye Eye Webbing Sling

      Contact Now5T Flat Polyester Eye Eye Webbing Sling5T flat Polyester eye eye webbing sling lifting belt description LANYARD DESCRIPTION Any inquiry for our products,pls let me know.Waiting for your kindly reply.Read More

    • 8000kg Webbing Sling With Double Eye

      Contact Now8000kg Webbing Sling With Double Eye1. 100% high tenacity polyester; 2. single ply or double ply; 3. with reinforced lifting eyes 4. safety factor available: 5:1, 6:1, 7:1 5. length available:1meter to 10 meter 6. according to EN1492-1:2000Read More

    • Flat Polyester Webbing Sling Raw Belt

      Contact NowFlat Polyester Webbing Sling Raw BeltPolyester Tubular Sleeve For Round Slings Can Protect The Load Objects, Round Slings Tubular Sleeve, Webbing Slings Protection, Tubular Sleeve For Round Slings, Protection For Webbing SlingsRead More

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