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    • Polyester 2T Webbing Sling With Good Quality

      Contact NowPolyester 2T Webbing Sling With Good QualityProduce Description Webbing sling very compact design and a new processing technique for the webbing are what give webbing slings good breaking elongation. A specially woven edge retection and reinforced loops all give protection from abrasion and damage. It is this that guarantees and extremely...Read More

    • Gray Webbing Sling

      Contact NowGray Webbing Sling‚Äčmaterial: 100% polyeaster colour: gray width:100mm Length: any length as customers requirement.Read More

    • 5T Polyester Webbing Sling

      Contact Now5T Polyester Webbing Sling1. Flat web slings are generally constructed of Polyester, Nylon and Polypropylene material and offer several attractive features, whick promote their popularity among rigging products. 2. Synthetic web slings are manufactured from safety factor 5:1,6:1, 7:1 to 8:1. 3. The softness of the web will not mar, deface or scratch loads, while its flexibility assures a firm, secure grip around the item being lifted. 4. Nylon slings may stretch 6-8% at rated capacity, while polyester sling limit stretch to approximately 3% under similar circumstance.Read More

    • 100% Polyester Flat Webbing Sling &Belt Lifting Sling Ce Approved

      Contact Now100% Polyester Flat Webbing Sling &Belt Lifting Sling Ce ApprovedFlat web sling is also often referred to as a variety of names such as lifting strap/strap, belt sling, polyester lifting sling, flat sling, flat webb lifting sling and a belt webbing sling, woven slings, webbing slings to mention just a few. Some time wrongly referred to as nylon lifting slings.Read More

    • Quadruplex Layer Reinforced Eyes Synthetic Web Slings JB/T8521.1

      Contact NowQuadruplex Layer Reinforced Eyes Synthetic Web Slings JB/T8521.1Meed Price List Of Our Quadruplex Layer Reinforced Eyes Synthetic Web Slings JB/T8521.1Read More

    • Polyester Webbing Sling From China Supplier

      Contact NowPolyester Webbing Sling From China SupplierWebbing lifting slings are used in variety of ways throughout several industries, including marine, construction, engineering, power, defense and transport industries, warehousing, house removals and manufacturing plants.Read More

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