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    • CE Certificate Custom Polyester Webbing Belt

      Contact NowCE Certificate Custom Polyester Webbing BeltPolyester Tubular Sleeve For Round Slings Can Protect The Load Objects, Round Slings Tubular Sleeve, Webbing Slings Protection, Tubular Sleeve For Round Slings, Protection For Webbing SlingsRead More

    • 5T Polyester Webbing Sling

      Contact Now5T Polyester Webbing Sling1. Flat web slings are generally constructed of Polyester, Nylon and Polypropylene material and offer several attractive features, whick promote their popularity among rigging products. 2. Synthetic web slings are manufactured from safety factor 5:1,6:1, 7:1 to 8:1. 3. The softness of the web will not mar, deface or scratch loads, while its flexibility assures a firm, secure grip around the item being lifted. 4. Nylon slings may stretch 6-8% at rated capacity, while polyester sling limit stretch to approximately 3% under similar circumstance.Read More

    • Duplex Double Eye to Eye Polyester Lifting Slings EN1492-1

      Contact NowDuplex Double Eye to Eye Polyester Lifting Slings EN1492-1CE TUV GS Approved Duplex Double Eye To Eye Polyester Lifting Slings EN1492-1 For European Market Get Latest Info On Webbing Sling Suppliers, Manufacturers WholesalersRead More

    • Best Quality Flat Nylon Webbing Lifting Slings

      Contact NowBest Quality Flat Nylon Webbing Lifting SlingsCustomized Flat Nylon Webbing Slings, Contact Us Find A wide Range Of Styles And Sizes Nylon Lifting Webbing Slings With Best QualityRead More

    • Round Slings Sleeve

      Contact NowRound Slings SleevePolyester Webbing Belt For Lifting Webbing Slings Main Have Webbing Tape,Webbing Belt For Lift Slings, Webbing Straps For Web Slings,Sling Webbing Straps, Polyester WebbingRead More

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